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I am a medical doctor and a yoga therapist and I’ve been interested in connections and in people ever since I was very young.

What makes people happy? How do people live their life? That’s how I started to deepen my understanding of the mind-body connection and became a yoga teacher in India. After that I taught and followed many trainings in yoga and meditation all over the globe.

Working as a medical doctor in psychiatry, I’m really enthusiastic about what yoga can do for the medical world and vice versa.


In my teachings you will find a lot of personal attention, humor and safety. That’s me. Keeping things light, with love and laughter. I think the eastern perspective on well-being and self care is something everyone could benefit from, both mentally and physically.

When I’m not practicing yoga or working at the hospital, I love to go into nature and surf in the ocean. Being outside helps me to go more inside.




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