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A unique training for yoga and healthcare professionals.

Deepen your understanding of the therapeutic application of yoga in mental health care. Integrate ancient teachings of yoga, the latest research, medical insights and your own experience into your professional practice. Receive tools to use directly for yourself, your clients and your students.

This training will empower you to confidently thread your path as yoga or healthcare professional within the framework of mental healthcare.

“I believe in a holistic approach to the treatment of people experiencing mental dis-balances”

  • Dates: April 22 – 29, 2018
  • Includes 7 days retreat + 3 months of online integration support (BONUS: free neurobiology masterclasses)
  • Regular Price: € 1125 excl. tax
  • Retreat Investment: € 725 excl. tax (includes double or triple room and organic food / upgrade to single room available)
  • Email for available (discount) coupons
What students say about Anneke Sips (trainer)
  • Before joining, I was worried about my lack in knowledge of mental health conditions. But during the weeklong yoga therapy study, Anneke used hands-on examples and role playing to experience the conditions to help us understand, which was a valuable asset of the training - and useful for all students despite their level or background.

    Annemarie yoga teacher
  • The most important lesson I learned from Anneke was to simplify and to soften, to get in touch with the essence of the present moment and to meet the individual in front of me, exactly where he/she is.

    Millie yoga teacher
  • I joined this training with Anneke because I was curious how I could integrate therapy into my own yoga classes. I also wanted to learn more about trauma, depression and anxiety.

    Suzanne yoga teacher
  • I joined because I was curious about how to implement a more therapeutic approach in my classes and private sessions. The most important lesson I learned from Anneke was how to take a minute and breath with compassion for yourself which I found to be extremely soothing! I recommend this training to anybody who wants to integrate ‘feel the body with compassion’ rather than with strict alignment.

    Danielle yoga teacher / studio owner
  • The wonderful thing about this course was that we got a lot of tools to use directly in real situations. I liked a lot that Anneke gave us many practical examples and cases. She shared so much of her knowledge and experience; because of that this training really enriched me.

    Nanda yoga teacher
  • I would recommend this training because it is unique in its sort. Anneke's approach and her way of creating an open but safe space within the group, facilitates the 'out of the box' thoughts, it challenges the curiosity in new ways and feeds the creative mind of every participant, with an inspiring effect that transcends the context of the course.

    Millie yoga teacher
  • I loved how we returned to the roots of yoga and that Anneke challenged us a lot in asking ourselves WHY we are doing what we are doing in our classes and if it's useful or helpful.

    Nanda yoga teacher
  • During the course, I experienced a different way of learning. Listening, reflecting, observing, practicing but most of all, feeling safe to share personal insights and emotions within the group. After the training I feel more confident about my talents and skills to bring support and special care to people in need. My inspiration increased along with my motivation to help yoga therapy get more integrated in our health system.

    Millie yoga teacher
  • Anneke's cheerful and positive energy made this week a pleasant and enjoyable intensive.

    Nanda yoga teacher
  • I learned so much from Anneke, how to be compassionate towards others and most importantly towards myself.

    Suzanne yoga teacher
  • Her teaching style is very sensitive, open, humorous, respectful and skilful. Her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge makes her a great teacher!

    Suzanne yoga teacher
  • After the training I will go explore the areas and treatment of people suffering from burn-outs and how yoga can help them healing from this.

    Annemarie yoga teacher

WHAT: Mental Health Training Retreat

WHEN: April 22-29, 2018

WHERE: Aljezur, Portugal

GROUPSIZE: Max 15 people in this group. There is lots of personal attention.

Book your spot now, as there is limited space available.

I am not actively working in mental health, is this for me?

This unique training is an opportunity to connect with an international group of like-minded yoga teachers who are interested in mental health. Perhaps you wish to make your existing classes more trauma sensitive? Or, you wish to create an 8-week program ‘yoga for burn-out’? Or, you wish to start seeing people for private sessions and support them during life-transformations for example. Or, you are a medical/ health professional who wants to bring yoga into your professional work. 

This training retreat will present you with a method that shows why yoga is beneficial working with mental health. And of course how you can apply it in a way that works.

Will this training be taught in English?

Yes, in English.

Anneke, the trainer is Dutch, if needed, you can communicate or ask your questions in Dutch as well.

What's the closest airport?

For your information, closest village is Carrapateria, small traditional Portuguese village, around 3-4 kms; it has two really nice beaches, located 3-4 kms away from the village, with sea cliffs. Closest airport is FARO AIRPORT.

How do I arrange transportation from the airport to the eco-resort?

Rather than Aljezur, Monte Velho is closer to Vila do Bispo. There is no public transport from Vila do Bispo, but a taxi to Monte Velho is around €20. From Faro you can pick a train to Lagos and from Lagos to Vila do Bispo by bus

There are taxis from Lagos to Monte for €40 – €50. The retreat centre can also organize transfers from Faro Airport (not included in price).

What time do we start the Training?

On April 22nd you are welcome from 4PM. We will enjoy a welcome dinner together and then the opening ceremony in the evening. We start the next morning 09.00 with the official training part, after breakfast.

The official training part finishes on April 28th after the closing ritual in the evening. April 29th check out time is 12pm after breakfast (rooms check out 10am).

What can I expect in the 3 months after this Training Retreat?

Depending on your own pace expect 3-4 weekly hours of integration work after the retreat (it could be practice, teaching, reading, journaling, homework, reflection etc.) This is NOT a prerequisite to receive your certificate. You integrate the work in your own pace.

what to prepare for
  • blended learning: 7 days in person retreat + 3 months of online implementation support
  • neurobiology guest teaching tailor made for this training
  • and don’t worry, rest is part of the program too
Sunny Portugal

You will experience the in-person part of the training in a beautiful eco resort in Portugal.

This amazing sunny place will be the perfect venue for our powerful sun-salute yoga rituals (not only those you think of now… yes, it’s a surprise).

The retreat part of the training will include daily therapeutic yoga classes, lectures, group work, journalling and practicum (practice and teaching).

You will be nurtured by wholesome organic vegetarian meals and the cozy accommodation in the retreat center (double/ triple room or single room).

Implement Now!

After learning new tools during the retreat training week, you will be invited to implement it all in a way that fits you.

Use what you learn in your own practice, integrate it in your existing classes, bring the yoga into your professional work setting.

In the 3 months after the training you will be supported in this process by me and our group.

There will be ‘action and accountability checkpoints’ in the form of:

  • weekly emails
  • online meetings
  • sharing and asking questions

We will be each other’s accountability partners.


This Network Yoga Therapy Training Retreat is a unique training for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, serious practitioners who may be healthcare professionals. For a safe and effective (therapeutic) application of yoga.

The training strengthens and builds on your yoga foundation. We will look at Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra through the perspective of the psychology of yoga, combining it with medical science and modern insights.

The training is also designed to empower you in finding your own voice while confidently using therapeutic yoga tools and working effectively with other healthcare practitioners. That way you will be better equipped to support medical providers in assisting their patients along their journey to health.

During the training you will be provided with essential tools to create your own programs for special populations (i.e. burnout, stress related issues).

Besides that you will learn how to meet difficult emotions with greater ease, how to manage caregiver fatigue and how to transform challenging relationships into ones that don’t drain your energy.

Together, yoga and the mental healthcare system have the potential to create a state of warm, connected presence during dis-balanced moments in our lives. This training is designed to support you in working with yourself, your students and clients intelligently and with common sense while motivating yourself with kindness rather than criticism.

In this training you will dive into the holistic framework of yoga. We will discuss safety, trauma, psychotic vulnerability, depression, addiction (change management), stress and burn-out in relationship to how yoga can support and assist the return to a balanced state of emotional well-being.

What you’ll take home
  • Templates of different basic frameworks for wellbeing in general and applicable for safe and effective therapeutic applications of yoga.
  • You will get the tools to create your own programs.
  • Understanding of recommended practice protocols and contra indication.
  • More consistent self-practice and more insight in your own process.
lead trainer: Anneke Sips, RN, C-IAYT

‘During the training I will share my yoga expertise combined with almost 20 years of hands-on experience in complex psychiatry as a psychiatric nurse (RN).

As one of the few IAYT accredited yoga therapists in Europe I also work very closely with my teachers AG Mohan and dr. Ganesh Mohan (Svastha yoga therapy & Yogic Mindfulness).

Additionally, I was trained by dr. Kristin Neff and Chris Germer (Mindful Self Compassion), dr. Bessel van der Kolk (Trauma therapy) and dr. Xavier Amador. I attended CFT for Psychosis with dr. Eleanor Longden and Charlie Heriot-Maitland and many other trainings in the field of mental health care, trauma and yoga therapy.’



  • 20 year of experience with clients (1:1, groups and online) as a nurse and yoga therapist
  • 20 years of personal yoga practice
  • attending numerous trainings, workshops and retreats led by experts in the fields of yoga and mental healthcare over the past years
  • professional collaborations with experts in the field of yoga and psychiatry

contact: | + 31 6 18786883

Why I share this with you

Our society needs more conscious leaders. Individuals who believe in creating a better world for us all and who have the courage to share their voice and take inspired action.

I invite you to be the leader of change within your community, system and subculture as I will help you creating your programs and implement those in a way that fit you and your students.

The method I’ll share was practiced and critically tested in collaboration with hospitals and psychiatrists. That is how this innovative training was designed into a model that works. 

Don’t hesitate to call me (+ 31 6 18786883) if you have any questions about this program or ask it via mail

Hope to see you in Portugal!




  • The methodology of Svastha Yoga as a holistic practice
  • Yogic mindfulness (smrti-sadhana)
  • Classical yoga concepts, relevant to mental health
  • Philosophy and psychology of yoga based on the yoga sutras
  • Neurobiology of the stress responses
  • Overview of psychopathology and symptomology for mental health conditions such as trauma and addictions, depression, stress and anxiety and psychotic stress.
  • Scope and role of yoga in therapy
  • Principles of self-management for thoughts and emotions
  • The use and benefits of yoga research

‘Come as you are, teach as they are’.


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