Network Yoga Therapy
Community. Connection. Change.
Lasting transformation and progress are possible when we take action together. We believe, that a network of passionate and engaged individuals, who support each other, is a catalyst for positive change and innovation. This is why we offer you this chance to get personal in a weekly online meeting in the month of January 2018 for a selected group of people.

This meet-up is part of the Network Yoga Therapy Academy CAMPUS. This is the community area within NYT-academy, the place where we get to meet, and where you will have access to new and amazing content every month. We love to inspire you with interviews, wisdom, podcasts and practices from our teachers, influencers and experts in the field. It’s also the perfect way to stay connected to you personally, on a regular basis.

You are invited!
In January 2018, you are invited to join a series of 4 meet-ups!
Because, this is a beta-version of the CAMPUS meet-up series it will only cost you € 1,- in total this month.

This is how Network Yoga Therapy once started: with meet-ups.
We still do them. Online. Globally!


G O A L : Connect personally with your international Network to exchange experience. Learn what happens in different cultures, cities ad countries. See things from a different perspective, which may offer space to find new solutions for yourself.

G O A L : Connect with yourself. Learn how to hold space and receive space. Create awareness, set goals and focus on the essence of the greatness you have to offer the world. Professionalize, learn to invest and dedicate time to yourself.

G O A L : Connect with Anneke for inspiration and personal connection... (We finally get to hang out!)

Monday January 8th at 7PM CET (AMS) / 1PM EST (NYC) / 6PM GMT (UK)
Monday January 15th at 7PM CET (AMS) / 1PM EST (NYC) / 6PM GMT (UK)
Monday January 22nd at 7PM CET (AMS) / 1PM EST (NYC) / 6PM GMT (UK)
Monday January 29th at 7PM CET (AMS) / 1PM EST (NYC) / 6PM GMT (UK)
You can sign-up until January 5th.

If you are selected for this round, we will meet online, via ZOOM. This is a communication platform, like Skype - but better for groups. You will receive a welcome email on Friday January 5th. Simply by clicking the link in the mail, you will install the ZOOM software and you are ready to go. Each session in the meet-up will have a different theme and you will receive a reminder, the theme of the week and a new link to the new meeting every week in your mail box.

We hope to see you in ALL four meetings!

Make sure you 'white list' the email by adding it to your contact-list and you look for an email from Anneke Sips. Since the emails are sent out via a mailing system, they sometimes happen to end up in spam or promotion folders.
J O I N - T H I S - S E L E C T E D - G R O U P - O F  - L I K E - M I N D E D -P R O F E S S I O N A L S

Please fill out the form below, explaining in max 150 words and before January 5th.:

• Why it's important for you to join
• What do you have to offer to the group
• What are you seeking in such group

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